It's a very beautiful place. It's great for a date too. I thought its amazing, but there was a rowdy party group which made it all the less romantic. the feel at this restaurant is like a modern elegant sort of lounge.

If you can't tell by the picture, this is a Thai restaurant. Usually I'm quite standoff-ish for Thai food because of this one bad incident in childhood, has put me off.

We ordered pad thai, smth pork, and rotti.

The pad thai is amazing, I really like this dried thin tasty noodles! There are surprises in this too! It's even got prawns =D yummy!

Smth pork. (daily feature)
They must of used way to much fish sauce because I don't think pork is suppose to be fishy starting to go badtasting.

Rotti is rotti! If a restaurant cannot make something so simple, you should not go there.

    • Address: 1938 W. 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1M5

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