First meal of the new year is to eat like a...


"The first meal of the year is the most important" saids Gordana, "it will determine the rest of your year, you must eat well."

And did we ever! This year a few of the guest were sick =( that's too bad because this means more home made fondue for all of us!

Bread and spread? Of artichoke+something and baba ghanoush

Tomato bisque? With Creme fraîche

Fondue with cauliflower bread and fruits

Chocolate fondue with strawberries and raspberry

Cheese plate ... Soooo good....

Sixth (just in case we were still hungry)
Potatoe gratin 

And of course ever flowing champagne and wine

We ate from 1230? Till 7pm. Sometimes I feel so lucky to by chance met Gordana and her family, even more lucky to be invited for dinner... I just wish there is some way I could show? Give? More gratitude. I can imagine my life would be quite bleak without them.

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