20 napkiner and earnest icecream

If you haven't already notice my new favorite place is Craft beer market. I am back here AGAIN with one of my besties. This time I wanted to brave a certain something on the menu.

20 napkin burger
Two 8oz burgers, 4oz brisket, crispy bacon, beer infused cheese, garnished with a mini burger.

From that description I literally thought they were describing to me a burger slider(like two small seperate burgers with a mini burger on top of it) It was a giantgantic burger with 2 8oz patties inside garnished with mini burger on top.

It's pretty good, and don't forget to bring a friend to share, heck bring an extra friend because it can at least feed 3 or painfully stuff 2 people.

Earnest Icecream

Yea yea I know I just finished a giant ass burger and now I'm having icecream?
I know =)

I've been hearing a buzz about this place for sometime, so I'm glad to finally try it. I'm particularly curious about the whiskey hazelnut and it's pretty good. Made of fresh local ingredients it's a light hazelnut icecream with a breath of whiskey.

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