A date kinda day


My wonderful morning started with breakfast in bed, and this time I'm not at olive 8. I had the boring eggs and bacon like usual and I sort of wish I ordered the omelette instead. The omelette in the picture is I think spinach and cheese omelette.

We did the usual shopping around Bellevue and Seattle and I think I have started a vacation routine. 
First the shopping 
second the exploration 
third and must not forget! To get my eyebrows

 this time my usual lady who does my eyebrows wasn't working and I think this new person ... made my eyebrows way to thin.

Lastly which is the best part of the vacation trip would be a dinner date. If it weren't for the dinner date my luggage would be a lot lighter. I'd have to pack the outfit, make up, the hair tools, accessories.

Tilikum Place cafe

It's is my new favourite place for risotto and a romantic evening. Sort of hidden next to a huge bar and sorority area, it is a sophisticate restaurant compared to its surrounding.

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