Recession,depression, The Christmas blues


My favorite type of meal, especially more enioyble during the holidays.I had my wonderful brunch on  half of the counter table as I watched shoppers come and go.  A customer came over to pay. So  I put away the prosciutto and she put down the product...but  before I could move the lunch box away she shoved the product in the middle of the table. needless to say, all the contents were spilled on to the floor. she didn't even look surprised or apologetic, just straight faced and didn't care. She apologized a few times. All I could do to disguise my hurt and near tears is to quickly duck and pick up everything off the floor. Then I proceeded to be very nice to this woman and offer free wrapping and whatever.

Normally one would, apologize profusely and later on bring back a muffin or smth. 

I find this Christmas people are unwilling to spend and strongly do not want any help from sales. 
Yes I'm here to sell you something but i dont have to hard sale you i can also socialize too!

Around this time of year I start up chats with people by saying things like

How's the Christmas shopping going?

Usually people warm up, and to further warm them up you ask

What's the coolest present you found this year?

From that, customers open up and chat, to either kill you're own boredom at work or they let you know what they're really looking for.

But I keep getting unrelated answers that really piss me off

"oh I'm good, how are you?"
"just looking thanks"

I didn't ask you how you were or what youre doing, what is with there people? This Christmas everybody is like brain dead, hardly cheerful. Even santa seem a bit off.

I obviously held my tongue.

Infuriated this year I took it out on wrapping their gifts, I even bought the glitter pen at work to make the final touches.

Their apologetic awe when they came back to pick up their perfectly wrapped presents. Their facial expression changes from gloom to happy, which made my day much better. Hopefully, their day will have more holiday cheers.

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