Lolita event and bitter old women


Finally dream come true! A lolita party at Homer St. cafe!!! It's even more special because we got the cock room all to ourselves ;)
 Many people were late including myself. The picture above is only a few of us.
Left to right
Monica Helena Iris Tracy Viki

baked steelhead trout, beef brisket, poached egg
I really like the brunch/lunch menu here, it's just divine!

left to right
Jacki Traci Viki Jenn Jen Monica Helena
Our next even after our tummies were full is to have dessert. All lolitas have a separate stomach for dessert =P!!
We learned about Cacao beans, percentages, history. anatomy and how to identify the taste etcetc.

left to right
Iris Monica Jenn Haley
Next up we went to Hycroft Mansion because they have an open house for christmas. Everything in there so beautiful. I especially loved the bombay furniture! I'm very interested in their swivel bar cabinet.

Everything was going great up till the end of the night. A friend of mine still wanted a picture with the nutcrackers. So we hurried over before they closed to take a snap...

that's when it started, suddenly from across the room a women screamed angrily at us
"if you want to have photo shoot you need to pay and book a room you need to stop"

even the bystander next to us who was complimenting us and asking what lolita is, was very shocked.

all of us explained that we aren't having a photo shoot, just trying take a last snap of the nutcracker. Then another women practically charged over to further scream at us, she also told us to leave. She shooed us off.
As we left, another employee tried to hear us out and calm us. That couldn't happen as the same lady came rushing over to further add salt to injury. I want to leave but my friend wanted to stand her ground and argue. I kept it together until we were out the door before I cried. We haven't done anything wrong. We didn't have any pro camera lighting w/e nor did we touch any of the decoration. oh and no where in the house or in their advertisement poster did they say "no photography" and no one in house told us that photography is not allowed ... we were on our best behavior.... If we knew such rules existed we would have respected that. You know, with all those decoration sponsors and vendors, I'm sure photography should be allowed.... Anyways ...this was my favorite place to be for christmas since childhood... this place is suppose to be a beacon of education and freedom of sisterhood  (Hycroft manor is the club house for The Women's University club) ...
How could they act so.. foolishly... and selfish! obviously they were worried that they wouldn't make any money for themselves if we were to make money from the blurry iphone pictures we took at the the manor.

and so with a very broken heart I would like to let every Lolita know that as beautiful perfect and supposedly family friendly place this is.... it's not so. be warned. we aren't welcomed and we will be discriminated there.

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