Birthday dinner at Pidgin


We are finally here at the most talked about restaurant in Vancouver named Pidgin. It is located next to the extremely sketchy pigeon Park, but I'm glad there is a police car parked not too far away. I wondered if the police car is permanently park there because of how popular this restaurant is.

The first thing we ate was the half squab with pickled vegetables and apples. Which was shockingly plated with a roasted curled up claw of squab. It was very very moist and delicious, the best around I have to say. However for $25 for half a pigeon and bits of pickled vegetables is a little bit much.

Next we had the pork belly, Asian pear kimchi and quail egg(omg the yolk is too cooked!!!). It's taste like kakuni perfectly soft and tasty. I would have preferred a touch of sesame oil but it was drowning in it's own fatty oil. Don't get me wrong! This is very tasty and a I recommend it to anyone but beware of its oilyness!!

For dessert we had a Horlick mousse? with seafoam. Now that! my friends, should bring back some good old memories or the feeling that you are in hk at some dirty cafe. But here we are, when we open our eyes, we are at a nice semi formal chic restaurant enjoying Horlick with a bit of seafoam.

I feel that this place is expensive for what they're serving but I can taste the skill and time it takes to make perfection in this plate that I am enjoying.

Pidgin is a special occasion restaurant or book a reservation during late night service. Which ranges between $4-12

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