Nero Belgian Waffle bar

They're Waffles aren't bad. Their seating is horrible.
So if you ever pass by and it's quiet go on in. 

So my irritated 5cents ( from a different day)

There was only 1 group of 5ppl in front of me. The wait shouldn't be too long. We had already waited 30 mins (paying downtown meter is expensive) and at 45min mark a pair had left.
Took them 10 mins to notice and clean up. They wouldn't give us the table first, because the group of 5 is in front of us and they're hoping that the small table next to the empty table will also clear eventually. Get this! They have two large tables as well which are unfortunately full. 

Isn't it logical to seat 2 ppl group first? Most likely 1of the 2 large tables will open up when that occupied small table will free up. Which in that case you would have finished serving 4 people? 

They're not very efficient serving approx 18ppl seat cafe when they only serve waffles, with limited choices of toppings and for some very odd reason the 3 manning the front (waffle station, cash and coffee machine) is stressed out.

It's small cafe and I know it's rude and you can't ask people to leave but you can let them know they have 45min seating limit before they start so that everyone can have a fair chance to come to the restaurant. 

Waffle cost about $8 and you have 4 employees. Customers cannot sit for over an hr otherwise the the business is loosing money.
Min hourly pay is $10ish, they would need sell $40+ in profit after deducting pay, rent, electricity and water to stay a float @_@...

Blahblah I'm word vomiting

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