Ask for Luigi


Ask for Luigi.
305 Alexander st.
Don't forget your reservations because your going to need it. A tiny place situated on cute corner of a street. They are like pidgin but with far less sketch. It seems the new era of blooming semi to gourmet restaurants pick the most awkward but probably extremely affordable location possible.

Anyways.. Today I'm having

(im sorry but I can't help my dirty mind but laugh)
Luigi's Meatballs (3pc)
It is very tasty. Whatever their secret ingredient is, it's amazing. My only comment would be "lay off the baking soda!" the portion of this is plenty to go around for 2people but the texture! Am I still eating meat? Because its almost like those beef meat balls at dim sum =(

Pappardelle and duck ragu
I know in the picture, it doesn't look like much and when they placed it in front of me I thought so too. I like how they stress "these dishes are made to share, you know, family style" 

It's true! share this delicious small portion looking like dish of freshly made pasta. Which has exact right amount of sauce (though again it doesn't look Iike it has much sauce) 

Nothing in this restaurant is as it seems. Their menu looks and sounds simple,and it even makes you think you can make it at home. How should I put this.... Don't bother, leave it up to the pros, just come to this non pretentious restaurant =)

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