La Cigale French bistro


I'm very happy to have come here. I needed a date, good times, a break, and good food! My mind has been going ten million miles an hour and I don't know how to relax. Sometimes I stress so bad I had several mini emotional melt downs and the funny thing is that, nothing happened. I'm stressing about the future that has yet to happen.

Premiére Assiette
French onion soup
- I think I can make a much better soup but that's me. Their soup isn't bad, it is better then many out there. 
The funny thing is that my Parisian friend tells me: French onion soup is served last, for example it is the last item served at a wedding (to signal for people to leave). It is also to comfort all those who partied and drank hard at end of the night!

Half baguette avec tapenade
- what ever that olive spread was, was dam good with fresh bread!

Seconde Assiette 
Wild salmon a la Basquaise
- it's a very delicious and extremely confusing dish. Basquaise is a dish containing a lot of seafood. I can't say it's  a stew but it's a very saucy plate.
As I was saying, this was very delicious. The seafood was a tad over cooked. The pastry puff is amazing and so was the lobster sauce. However the lobster taste was so strong, it was clashing with the seafood. Overall the dish had overwhelming taste of seafood, almost borderline fishy. None the less, I wouldn't order again (though it's something everybody should try) but if they ever have a poster bisque I would totally love some of that.
White wine and vegetable/herb mussels 
- yumm!! I could drink all the soup if I had more room!! Perfectly cooked, and perfect blend of vegetables and herbs.
** btw this was a today's special!! Which they write on a chalk board placed on easel. Where the waiter will place infront of your the table. You cannot miss their specials of the day!!

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