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Why is it that everytime, I'm about to relax and go on vacation, I am hit with sickness?!

No matter!! today I have gone to enjoy Italian food in Seattle. We were recommended to try Barolo because because the other one we wanted to go to is booked weeks in advance. Who knew it was that popular?!

Anyways we found our way through the quiet sunny streets, to this very posh looking restaurant. We thought, "sh!t we aren't dressed up". dear heart and I, were very tired today (especially me since I'm sick and ready to knock out) so we didn't bother to dress up.

Carpaccio Di Vitello Con Melange Di Tartufo Bianco
Veal carpaccio with arugola, parmigiano, capers and truffle melange. Hormone- and antibiotic-free / humanely raised veal.

***!! I can taste the truffle and I LOVE truffle! 

Ossobuco Di Vitello
100% natural, hormone-free braised veal shank with saffron risotto.

*** not a fan of this one because it taste like soy sauce braised veal, with weird tasting risotto. I find that chefs tend to "accidentally" over whelm a dish with saffron. I dont really like saffron but the name sounds cool. It is one of the most fragrant and expensive spices in the world. To me, this spice seems like a really good choice to compliment food but a little goes a long way in any dish, and most people always put way too much. Aside from the saffron the marrow was delicious !!!
 I cannot rate this since I'm biased.

Ravioli Del Giorno
House-made ravioli of the day.

***today's special is a prosciutto ravioli with a tomato something sauce. I love the sauce ! It's the epittamy of Italian food, fragrant with herbs and spices. I didn't like the the filling because prosciutto is very delicate. When subjected to heat it becomes rough in texture. 

I really like this restaurant because everything is as natural as they can find and also humane. It's guilt free food at decent prices. If there were such a restaurant here in vancouver it would be super posh and super expensive.

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