The sun is out and I'm dreaming


Since the sun is starting to shine, do we all have our sun glasses ready ^_^?
Here are some of my favorites.

Emilio Pucci (blue pair)
It's funny, every time I ask the sales, if they had them. They become confused and show me Gucci. Its seems that Pucci isn't very popular in Canada =( One can always spot Pucci, by his taste of vibrant colors and mosaic like shapes ... Kind of like kaleidoscope. I personally like it when he uses teal, like those sun glasses and with those geometric shapes it's like a butterfly.

Roberto Cavalli (gold pair)
I like his sun glasses for the curly initials on the side. I don't per se love the one in the image, but it does show the elegance I find in his line. The sunglasses always look expensive (and it is) luxurious, elegant and with a touch of roar in it...fierce?... I can't explain to you that last ne sais quoi

Dolce and Gabbana 
- black/red pair
I have never paid attention to D&G until I saw those black sun glasses 2 years ago. When I saw the poster and those gold roses, I just knew ! That there is something more to them, they are unlike the other mega fashion houses. To adorn sun glasses with tacky gold roses and curly molding motifs but still manage to keep the elegance in it? That is a massive feat. I realize from there I need to know more about them. To actually research and look in depth. that is when you really see their quirky-ness. They are the epitome of Italian fashion AND MORE. They must mix modern with classic and a dash of baroque. Do you know what I mean?

So I hope everyone this summer has got their stylish sun glasses to protect their lovely eyes and rock it Iike a celebrity!

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