Adventure time VII


Finally manage to go to the not so new Greenhorn cafe ! It's a cute and romantic place with modern designs.

Even lama wants to be part of the decor!

Next, we went to the aquarium, I have never noticed the new otter rescue! I think his name is Walter? Who in the right mind would shoot this cutie?! I'm glad they found and cared for him. 

We also visited the dolphins, and I think I got one of the twos attention. I had decided to wave at her with one finger and she splashed about and waved back! It was a very magical moment!
One thing I like most about the aquarium and zoo in vancouver is that..even though they don't have the best animals and none of them really do tricks, is that they were all rescued. Or adopted from another place if their rescues had babies.

We then went to Temper cafe, and had a lovely cake in the sun =D

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