Just take my money!

I'm glad and surprised that I got everything I wanted !
First off is "I need a pair of nude heels", just my luck, I found some at Camuto. I'm a little undecided on the size. I am shoe sz 7.5, and these are 7.5 but they're tight. It is leather so it's suppose to stretch out, I hope they do. Breaking in a pair of heels is super uncomfortable.

Finally got a wristlet from MK. The color name is blossom, just in time for spring as our Sakura trees are blossoming.

Lastly, I am so fed up with my keychain. I had the Tiffany heart tag key ring, which the "ring part" is a U shape with a screw on ball at the end. That stupid ball comes off all the time, even when I twist it on really hard. It has come off several time and finally this one time I can't find the ball. Good thing I didn't loose any of my keys!

Anyways I was at Neman Marcus for hours, there is almost no keychain. Plus, I'm willing to spend too, because luxury brands will design items which are unique and contemporary and most importantly quality/workmanship is in it.. 
There were no sales associates in sight (I must have been deemed "not worth their time") and when i finally found somebody, it was in cosmetics and she had no idea but tried anyways =). The entire 3 level store had nothing but a Chanel key fob with Greek? Inspired historic coins etc.

Anyways... I walked around the bravern and landed myself in Tory burch. I'm glad they were immediate  in helping me and offered me water from Poland. How posh! I asked for keychains they showed me the ones in their display and when I was not happy with that they took out a box of their entire stock. That's where I found my lovely keychain! That's what I call service!

It's actually not as pink as their official picture (see my picture above). It cost significantly less then Chanel, and it's in a soft lipstick red color. It can be clipped to my bag and not lost in the bottomless pit...and has a sturdy ring!

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