What am I to do?

Ive been so busy recently, which hasn't left me much time to post anything and the most irritating fact is that I was caught up with my blogging =(
Now I'm 3 months late again.

But what does it matter nobody reads it anyway -_-..

I think I need to discuss less in my post, who would care what my opinion is =_= seriously no point in this blog other then if my phone crashes again if have a history of my life somewhere. If I ever develope amnesia.

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  1. I actually look forward to reading your blog! I don't comment all of the time but I do enjoy reading it. But before you do anything, the best thing to do is ask yourself if you enjoy blogging. Or is it a hassle to always post? Is it more trouble to get a post together than what it's worth? If you find yourself thinking it's worth it, then keep writing no matter what. But if you don't think it is, consider why you think it's not worth it and see what you can do. If it's still not worth it even after all that, then you can always stop writing. But I personally think if you can do it, then keep going!