An order was sent to the universe


1- I was in need of more tea and my new favorite bouTEAque is so far away! Lo and behold! My darling got me not just one I like, but 3 other ones too!

2- This month I've been window shopping for nail sticker/tattoos/patches

3- Just this week I was thinking when will my BFF come back from HK... It's  hard to talk online :(

4- Next day I went shopping and I wonder how to tie a scarf in a certain way

5- The next night I got my answer! Which was "you need to use a square scarf" and so I figured
"I need a square scarf .. Where can I buy one I like?"

6- The night after my BFF shows up at my door step, with presents from HK/Thailand. 
Guess what those presents are?
Square scarf with macarons on it and nail tattoos/patches!

An order was sent! And maybe I'm getting a first hand taste of "the secret"

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