Yea yea yea I know I'm late to the game for this kne, but there was never a good time to go.

Their specialty is molecular gastronomy. Which is playing mad scientist with food where laws of bio/charm no longer exist. Such as cooking with temperatures of -100 or in my case, in the picture above has cherry blossom foam ( I guess a better example I've tried is foie gras cotton candy)

The above is

Pisco Clover Club
Pisco, French vermouths, lemon, raspberry, vanilla, egg whites
- their written description would make me think it's some sort sour raspberry with vodka and notes of vanilla. I was wrong, it's sweet, a little too much berry taste which almost taste like medicine. I was wrong. It's actually
 very good! The foams makes it light and fluffy and vanilla adds to it.. Makes you think... Raspberry mousse or something lighter!

Trout with cherry blossom foam and celery purée and sunchokes?
- it was part of the daily special, it's very fun and in time as the blossoms are blossoming lol, though the trout is a bit fishy 

Slow poached farm egg. Sunchoke cream, toasted barley, comté cheese.
- this is a must order for everybody, it taste perfect (and don't forget to mix it a little)

Next up
Hay aged smoked quail, wild berry honey, salt and pepper.
-This taste is very good, especially when they have put the herbs inside with some of it sticking out and lit on fire (so it can be further smoked. 
It's very weird, ours was very very raw. This bird can be eaten half raw like steak. Um.... mine was so raw, it wasn't evencooked. I can't emphasize enough how raw it was! Some parts were semi translucent, soft and chewy like bubble gum. The parts that were a bit more cooked and resemble the pink part of a medium rare steak, was fantastic! Unfortunately we had to return this as it was waaaayy to raw.

 Slow-cooked natural angus short rib,smoked salt and hay jus
- our server was kind enough to exchange or dish for us (though she was skeptical that it was THAT raw)
Anyways, this was fabulous and a huge contrast to the last dish. Cooked beautifully, meat was falling off the bones the perfect done-ness. The course salt gave it the finishing touch!

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