Madrona Coffee Co.


Popped over to somewhere? And ended up in Madrona coffee roasting facilities. It was the only address we found that was closest to where we were. I guess it must be our luck or our fancy for them,  because we traveled so far ..thinking we were going to a retail store but found the mother load!

We got the whole works! And met everybody, including the owner, Charles and the master roaster, Joe. We even got to check out their printing room. They use a antique printer =D which you place a bag on it and then it stamps it! Also got to check out the small roasting equipment and then the roaring/fire breathing industrial size one as well!

Joe made us a fresh (like literally fresh and degassed ?) There is no fresher than this cup. It was made via chemex. It was perfect. Single origin from...., Starts with a P, I think it was Panama?Peru. I can't tell you how perfect that is. It needs no masking from milk or sugar. I think Joe made my cup of espresso last time at the show too =), he sure makes the perfect cuppa..... =)

I love their building which use to be a ...? Some sort of industrial building which made busses? I forgot..

Anyhow they refurnished everything, and kept its character intact. They also installed a epic antique bar table. I love the swirly bar seats! All that's missing is the those two swinging doors at the saloon. They even got a working metal telephone booth too!

Everything inside is very well thought of. Including the beans are well cared for too! I hope they don't mind me visiting again!

I don't know if my words will ever be read by Madrona, but I'd like to say the following:
You guys are amazing. I believe you can become even bigger with PR but I hope you will always care for your beans like you do now. Please always rock on!

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