Helena Birthday

The day started with me arriving about an hour? or few? way too early =D.
I spent the time exploring stevenston. I found this one store which had the cutest candle holder (useless no?)
Plus I had to go back (because birthday girl + everyone else was going to be half hr+ late) so I had to sit down first. Did I tell you I got lost?
Isn't the place adorable? =D the tea house is called Adorabelle Tea Room. On the ceiling was the Eiffel tower in the point of view - looking up at it.
 Finally the beautiful birthday girl arrives~

 Afternoon tea is $23/person
for the price it's amazing, I have nothing to complain nor compliment.
Though my most favorite was the strawberry because it was the most beautiful!
Adorabelle Tea Room & Gift Shop
12051 Third Avenue
Richmond, B.C. V7E 3K1

Phone: (604) 241-1947

Inquiries: hello@adorabelletearoom.com

Reservations: reservations@adorabelletearoom.com

Here is the best picture of everyone ( michelle is holding the camera =( BOO!!!)
It's really nice that Helena planned for a small group outing. It's the first time I felt, wow ! this group is talking together. There is no one person focal point. It's really together! I hope Helena plans more of these =D

Happy Birthday Amazing Girl!

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