Thierry update

For some reason I think I've done 2 other past Thierry Chocolates reviews on their macaron.
Any how I've went back and gave it another shot. I'm not sure why I was compelled to.

Here's the recap
First time- " it's amazing, no other macaron place has produced chewy macarons!"
Second time - "they have not improved, all they have is sugary super chewy and jam packed food coloring in it"

THIS time.
I am pleasantly surprised. Its either they have improved OR I just haven't tasted it forever. They have finally put a little less sugar but still on the sweet side. On the colorful side they put less food coloring which is great! before, it had so much color, that it looked more like an object then food. Your spit will still be colorful after eating but not as vibrant as before. Just my luck when tasting, they seemed to have added more butter in the filling? It taste much more amazing and amplifies the fresh blackberry inside, making this macaron ultimately not a sugary thing anymore, but a pastry.

taste 85%
texture 70% (just need more crunch)

1059 Alberni Street (Thurlow/Burrard)
Vancouver, BC, V6E 1A1
604 608 6870

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