Marciano Fall Launch

Sally coordinate, accessorized, hair and make up courtesy of me =P
A few times every year, I'm invited to the Marciano seasonal party full of alcohol shopping and fabulous food and people! This year  they invited to highlight whats in this fall. Along with making the party even more awesome by making everyone a faux magazine cover.
The item that caught my eye that day was the already out of season wide brim sun hat, I thought it completed my outfit. However I do imagine that if the base color was black and the stripes were white and part of the brim was a semi opaque stiff black material, it would match me even better !

Sally found a power suit for interviews and work which we had to wait forever for. We had pay parking twice just waiting for her to try on the dress. She also bought a very fancy subdued maroon dress with a thin waist belt. Both dresses with a wow factor =D
best of luck job hunting with your new power suit!

What is a party with out swag?

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