Las Vegas bestys


since my dear bestest friend is leaving me forever. she had decided that we must go for a trip!

very conveniently I caught the flu a few days before, and literally dying through out the trip.

During the trip i also ran out of medicine too! stupid me , must of been the fever! I had notice the night time cold medicine did nothing for me and also I did some reading up on the medicine. for whatever fucked up reason it has lesser dosage and fewer drugs in it. I would appreciate to be able to sleep when consuming the night time version. oh right! the stupid thing is.. I had asked the doc if it is okay to eat the day time one instead of night..and she gave me the okay, and explained it just doesn't have the sleepy effect, that's all. so that night I went and bought a day and night time flu meds! oh!! why would I buy the one including night time ?!?! stupid stupid stupid!!

it had failed me one night(and i am dumb enough to eat night time version!) I could not stop coughing through out the night. I ended up loosing my voice the next day.

I wish I could of enjoyed the trip more. I had to retire back to the hotel earlier then everyone else, the fever was off and on through out the day.. every time it just zapped all the energy I had.
good thing besty is a nurse and monitored me through out the trip.

I didn't take many pictures, but at least my friends did and compiled them together ^_^!

I didn't end up buying much there
here's my hauls
shoes - this desperately needed but did not want to pay more then 100cad for a pair, and nothing looked good in Canada
bag - impulse but I don't even like Le sport sac but this was different..

the one thing I didn't buy and now regret: is the bacon ornament. I should of got it !!!

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