Save on meats

 Top to bottom Open sandwich with fried onions and steak, Tomato soup, turkey pot pie

I found out of this place on TV. Diner Drives in & Dives. I recognized this place right away. I always thought the neon piggy sign was cute, and thought it must be a really crappy place selling discounted meat (not in the nicest area in town). Boy was I ever wrong! Apparently it re-open with in these few years, revamped and everything. Just because TV is showing it to me and it's reachable why not try it out =D

Open sandwich with fried onions and steak
It was a daily special and I very much recommend it!
add a bit ol' ketchup it makes a difference

Creamy Tomato soup
the rainy day cure
I'm surprised this did not make it on the episode, this is THE best thing I've eaten there so far!

The burger
The best damn deal in town & save on meats original claim to fame! our burgers are made with hand ground chuck steak and fresh herbs in house everyday
topped with our buterh shop bacon, melted cheddar, smoky BBQ sauce, tomato & lettuce. Served with choice of fries, mash, coleslaw or green salad
This was also show on TV, I expected something gourmet for some reason. I'm not disappointed, it's a very good home style non processed burger..

Smoked Turkey Pot Pie
As seen on Diners, Drive Ins & Dives. Winner, winner turkey dinner. Served with choice of mashed potatoes, peas & carrots, fries or green salad.
Its not bad not great, I still like the soup a hell lot more!

Doesn't get more comfy than this. Served with choice of mashed potatoes, peas & carrots, fries or green salad.
Chinese cuisine also make a sort of meatloaf but is steamed, this reminds me of it but baked with crunchy goodness!

 Banana Split
You've earned it. 2 scoops of vanilla with hot fudge, fresh banana, whip cream cherries & walnuts 
 oh yes! the cherry on top (didn't eat it the cherry) hot fudge apparently is in house made, has this amazing crunchy stuff in it! I want more! I was surprised it didn't come like the generic type you know the strawberry/choco/vanilla , banana split!

Save on Milkshake
Surprise flavor
I have no idea what I drank, i think it was chocolate strawberry shake, it was very filling, good, and I'm very surprised =)
Daily Cookies

Chocolate Bacon cookie
 This is one of those things that make me really wanna try it (one of those things you've gottah try.. like the bacon sundae)
I was kinda dissapointed I had no bacon chunks I could not taste any bacon at all
It tasted like chocolate chunk with nut cookie, I phoned them back about it, they told me I might have gotten a unlucky one that I'd get a good one next time =D
they told me it's made with chunks of bacon and bacon fat

Things I still want to try
Tuna melt, Reuben,  Apple Brown Betty, The knickerbocker glory sundae

 Save On Meats
43 West Hastings St. VAncouver BC Canada
open 7days a week
Diner mon-sat 7am -10pm
Sun 8am -10pm

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