my extent of cooking from scratch

Well you know me! I can't cook even if my life depended on it.
Mom has been bugging me to cook something and I said I would but I didn't say when. So one fine day I decided to give my go at it.
Unfortunately my beloved store no longer exist and I'm not sure if I can order online?
I don't see them on arbutus St. any more =(

First thing that came to mind was I got this wonderful black truffle sauce form .... whole foods?
I only knew that it was FANTASTIC with brie on crackers...
practically devoured sample table at the grocery table... oh so lady like of me...

so i searched up what I can do with such thing... apparently the only thing I found was it goes well with any cream sauce thing.
top suggestion was pasta (i don't know how to make pasta from scratch... i could open a can?)
i don't even know how to make cream sauce FML

So with my decision i further researched on how to make cream sauce... i figured I'll buy fresh pasta at the market and some how make a cream sauce and broccoli? asparagus? and pan fried chicken?

After a while I decided it would be pretty to do criss cross? weave? sliced asparagus on top of ravioli!!
and put chicken on top~

I must be lucky because Gordana (amazing chef and mom) drop by my work place. She basically told me how to make cream sauce
(i felt so dumb)

fry/soften some onion
add soyu
add cream 
maybe starch
and pour on top of pasta

and then I also found cordon bleu at the market all wrapped up for me to bake =D

by the time I finished cooking we were all so hungry and gobbled everything up before I could take pictures

I also forgot to put salt so the truffle cream sauce tasted bland....

and also because of timing ... somethings were cold by the time i started to plate..

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