Secret Location

I found this restaurant from luck I guess, because I randomly thumbed through some Japanese magazine and saw some pretty pictures!

I think it's a fairly new restaurant because I haven't ever seen it before. Funny enough theres no label on the outside the restaurant that there IS in fact a restaurnt inside. Confusing no?

the restaurant is called "secret location"

 I've been looking for a restaurant for my birthday and I figured "lets go try it out, it looks like it could be the one"

I forgot what kind of drink I ordered, it simply put - tasted nasty
i remember something about elder flower in it..

Grilled AAA Beef Striploin
Potato zucchini galette, corn pudding, fava bean and pecorino stuffed squash blossom, peppercorn sauce
I dont understand why there is soo many tendions in my striploin, I could not chew threw it. They were very heavy handed on the seasoning,

Smoked Porcini Crusted Tenderloin 
Onion cracker bread, shaved tenderloin, fig compote, and crispy onions.
I think that's what the square meat is. This was under seasoned but it tasted a lot better then too much salt.
 it was very bland, not the greatest or worst

Chocolate Praline Crunch
 Rice Krispy Praline, Flourless Chocolate Cake, Chocolate-Caramel Cremeux, Caramel-Hazelnut Mousse, Cassis-Blackberry Sorbet, Lime and Blackberry Coulis, Blackberry Compote
this was the best out of everything, not overly sugary and extremely well put together. i thought it was very funny that there was rice krispy in it!

Over all I had expected more from this restaurant. I may come back in the future to see if they have improved. The prices are quite reasonable. Their service is impeccable along with their outstanding, beautiful modern decor. Alas, they along with many restaurants do not allow outside birthday cake, they didn't decline me as gracefully as some have, but they did do it as nicely as possible.

Sadly I cannot have my birthday party at place that has so many no's

1 Water St
Vancouver, BC
V6B 2H9, Canada

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