The French Family

Recently my dear friends that are originally from France (but now live in Canada) just touched down back to their Vancouver home =D
they brought along goodies! only things that I could only dream of! they texted me to come over immediately after work the next day. I was in such a hurry leaving I even took a taxi. Gordana (the mom) is the most amazing cook I have ever met, everything is so tasty and coincidentally SUPER scrumptious. I can never praise her enough. I wish I knew how to cook just like her. Simple healthy fast and easy!
Dinner was a weird sausage in panini bread (i know it sounds weird but it's soo good)
there was also cherry tomatoes that she splashed a bit of vinaigrette and olive oil? 
cheese and bread 

actually i could go on and on about her cooking she made a vegetarian pasta with heirloom tomatoes that made your mouth water as if it was steak~
the ricotta dip, or the tuna something lemon zest to put on bread.

okay okay
they also had Rudy and Chen over for dinner
which is always so fun because Rudy has such a potty mouth =D!!!

great food amazing company and adorable kids!
oh I am so jealous!!! they're adorable little red heads! I love red heads! 
If only i could have red head kids!! or if I could be one! (tried on my hair, didn't work)
these two kids could never shame their parents they are brought up so well.
there's attitude but it isn't in a negative way  

(near the end of the night i started playing with her daughter's hair)

sheesh i need to stop, I'm so glad I've met and are friends with such wonderful amazing people

here's the greatest part! after dinner was chocolate tea, and macarons from Laduree!
one was chocolate and the other is salted caramel
along with some choco malt? meringue 

they told me all the wonders of Paris and I day dreamed through their pictures, travel guides and fun stories.

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