bird that likes me

Finally a bird that likes me! Yes he's a parrot =D  
why I say that is because I sort of had a bad experience with this one parrot. where it really liked my boyfriend. Even through the pet store cage! every time I put my fingers to give it some scratches and pets, he'd snap at my fingers. My boyfriend told me I'm doing it wrong, and grabbed my hand and put it close to the parrot. While my boyfriend held my hand the parrot looked really confused and sort of ever so slowly tried to bite me....

On to this little guy here, not very loud or screeched like some of the larger parrots at the store. Extremely affectionate. I really wanted to take him, I don't have a affection towards parrots but I like animals that like me ^_^

I found out later that night, it was the same type of parrot I had liked at another pet store which named them "Meyers parrot" and this pet store named him "brown headed parrots"
They're suppose to be the same type of bird....

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