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My birthday ! one of my most favorite time of the year !!!!!!!!!!! This year I decided to try out Patisserie Fur Elise.
I've followed them from when they first appeared in the bakers market in the village =D
Though I am not a fan of their macaron I can say that they're food speaks otherwise.

I actually quite like their store. It's beautiful elegant, the girls have a very modest uniform their manners are impeccable ! and gracious. I feel they've chosen their staff wisely!

On to the food! by now I don't remember which one I didn't like. I liked everything except one savory item, the jello cube (too sugary for my liking not that it isn't good) and the macaron.

Crunchy-ness 1/5
Chewy 2/5
Taste 1/5 (because I got all the floral scented ones... which I don't like)
Over all ?/5

I will most likely try again and properly grade it with something non floral

Patisserie Fur Elise
847 Hamilton St.
Vancouver BC

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