Guu'd Lunch

I don't understand why lunch ends at 1:30 at Guu Thurlow, I wake up around 12 ish(which is noon right?) and by the time I get ready ad out the door and arrive at Guu it's 130 maybe later!why can't it end at 2 or 3?

I really like their lunch menu, mainly of grilled fish. Let me tell you I don't usually like fish. This is some real fantastically cooked fish!

I use to only eat the curry because it was safe, now that I've expanded to including grilled Saba. It taste a lot better then eating curry every time! Now onto eating grilled Saba every time lol 

Guu Original 
  • 838 Thurlow Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6E 1W2
  • TEL: 604-685-8817
  • Lunch
    [Mon-Sat] 11:40 - 13:40

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