today started out very late cause i was tired and didn't sleep well
BB first got his hair set..
then..we went off too find the other liz lisa in tai pei ... so i can buy the room fragrance spray thing
apparently Taiwan doesn't not have this yet.....

we stopped by to look at a accesorie store, finally got myself a normal mini top hat and a very unusual black bling tiara! at the store they also had a booth set up for you to take pics in!
also found a lolita store wondering about, got myself a new petti-coat!

afterwards we went to see if they can cut BB sim car smaller to fit his new iPhone4, but they can't so he'll have to go ask rogers for the micro sim card or something

from there i bought I think 67$cad worth of major majolica make up, I'm going to attempt pink eyeshadow,
I think i got two eyeshadow palette, eye liner and two blush and a lip gloss

we then went to uncle's office to meet up with uncle to go for pizza.
In the morning I thought it must be some hole in the wall that's got great pizza
INSTEAD I find out late that it's some hole in the wall in the Sheraton hotel *dies*
that means I need to look pretty! thus going out late in the morning

the food there is amazing!
I got over the escargot -_- fear..? gross-ness then came baked oysters
after that seems like a boston seafood chowder
then squid ink spaghetti and two pizza

I was sooo full x.x

we then went to shi lin night market
AND OMG!!! all the liz lisa fakes are there, so now that means I don't need to buy from taobao!
i bought approx 80$ worth
two tops a skirt and that idiot poncho that everyone is after

me and BB also play those useless arcade machine with the claw thing and you try to win the stuffy. On the bright side there is a sales? that watches over you constantly, the position the stuffy specifically so you have kinda 70/30 chance of getting it and if you screw up the position she'll come over open it up and reset it for you. once you loose a certain amount of money they just open it up and give you the stuffy!

BUT me and BB won ours! i won the big lama and a small one and BB got me the teddy (with one try only!) and a lama

stupid lama

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