I thought last night that me and BB were to meet his friend whom has a baby for lunch and then to hang out at night market.
Apparently he didn't specify which friends.

This was the plan
meet up with his buddies for lunch then to a magic shop after that another magic shop

THEN meet his friend Fern/brother/Husband/baby for dinner

After go to night market just me and BB

That's cool i guess.... I didn't mind looking after BB last night as he was sick as late as I could and wake up like 4 hours later, barely had time to do makeup/hair. Unfortunately we didn't have to go to the salon for his hair. As i thought we were going to meet Fern at a neary by station

Out we go to meet his buddies. Had brunch at a okay place. He ask me if it was okay and I said it was too heavy and he said oh there's a smaller portion meal that's lighter.
*sigh* I'm saying heavy because I don't want to be eating steak as the first thing in the morning.
I should of said.. "oh mcD would be better"
Anyways ... I decided to eat all the extra that came with BB combo like the salad/dessert/soup
I didn't mind for like 3 hours or so?I was basically ignored... I was sleepy so I didn't mind.

BUT afterwards they decided to buy drinks and sit and chat some more for another 2 hours
the first little while was okay and I fell asleep too. But at 5pm I'm seriously pissed. For 5 hours I'm ignored. I said lets go! and BB said 10mins...
30mins go by before we leave.After that he HAD to go to another magic shop to say hi.
At least this time, I wasn't ignored.. greeted and complimented ... happy to be acknowledged my existence!

Still fuming and I think his friend noticed. We finally left.
We met up with Fern and I slightly felt better. They can all speak English and they don't ignore me but it's quiet as I feel from them they dont know what to say. (unlike some of his friends in Vancouver who were quite outrageously ignoring me like I'm not even there, even if i hold their attention for full 2mins they turn around after i stop talking and ignore .. back to the start)
Any how it wasn't so bad since there was a baby, I spent most of the time staring at him and making funny faces.

We ate at Sogo, apparently they have best xiaolongbao around ! The service was extremely good as BB told me because the get paid almost the same wages as nurses.

I found many chain belts at Sogo tons in silver and tons in gold.... for the girls who I know who are looking for them =P There was a really nice gold one with hearts and crystals (all of them are single chains btw) I really liked it but.. it was nearly 100$cad.. I could let BB buy it for me (trying to get me to forgive him) I have super nice one at home!... I'll definitely get it next time.. if I ever come back..

Afterwards we went to xilian? night market we walked and walked and walked...
Through our the entire time was looking for a suitable brown boot that doesn't look like a UGG knee high like the one I threw out. I keep regretting it, but I shouldn't. As that one the soles were about to fall through... Still... it was one of the most perfect pair of shoes I've ever bought.

We played tons of arcade games only the ones you win prizes like claw thing that I've been going on about. We're getting really good at it! takes us sometimes 2?3? tries to win!
I keep trying to win the Polaroid camera but it's almost impossible! Like you have to pick up the bunny which is on the edge of the drop hole...BUT inside one of it's ears it has some sort of weight inside. So it always makes you feel like you ALMOST get it. 0.30 a try @_@ easily amount to a lot of money.
Though BB and I did win these ** SCROLL DOWN**

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