woke up late, didn't eat breakfast.
followed BB to hair salon, he ran off from the subway station because his appointment was in two mins or so..
I lagged behind, emo-ing because this morning i put on my liz lisa flower print dress and went to wear my jd shoes T_T AND THEY DONT FIT TOGETHER OMFG!!!!!
i bought the shoes! because i didn't have any nice white shoes at home so I found a decent one in harajuku i think... but wanted to look around in Japan before spending the money on such shoes. In the end I found a nice pair in shinjuku pink bow with a gold crown on top of it. So .. i figure that kind of pink would fit white and it doesn't....
After wandering around in xi men? getting a little bit nervous because BB is not by me.
I looked about and found a vendor selling boxes of eye lashes for $4. as appose to $8
I ask the vendor for something similar to the lashes I was wearing and she pointed out 3 similar ones .. in the end i bought all 3. All done with top lash buying!
Then for some bbq sausages then to find BB
I found the salon but couldn't find BB inside... i took a step in and looked and nothing except everyone in the salon staring at me.... kind of un comfortable so i stood outside across the street and still they stared at me. Constantly phoning BB and nothing... feeling a bit more nervous I started to walk around. He found me.
Also kept trying to pull me to liz lisa in Hankyuu. Finally we arrive. First thing i found was macarons!
-blk sesame +sesme oil, caramel, ??citrus

at first BB felt like it was such a rip off $7 for 3
but when we ate it tonight, if this was consider bite size cake it's really 10/10 the cream is perfect! and the macaron cake texture is fantastic
but as Macaron critic the shells were complete fail. Like I describe it was like a cake.

After that we went to look at Liz lisa -_-... still emo-ing cause I dont want to buy anything as I don't have any more money and I need it to last all the way till 18th so....
But apparently BB had a surprise for me! ... shopping spree in liz lisa for valentines day *dies* of happy-ness!
lucky pack, OP, jacket
T_T after he paid i found a very pretty pair of white shorts! I wanted to buy them but one of the back pockets were slowly coming off. o well maybe the other liz lisa will have it too

After that we had another new years dinner this time with BB mom's grand ma place.
Basically it was very boring the uncles/aunties/grandma was missing the entire time after dinner. It was just me and BB babysitting the 5 kids *super sigh*

we then went to shi da university night market near by. Almost everything was close. Not too interesting. The only that was. Was pizza in a cone shape with spaghetti!

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