I already forgot when I woke up but it wasn't early!
Dressed up pretty for BB and he for me tooo
We were at ximen to go get BB hair done and had ramen for lunch across the street

We then went to Taipei city hall?central?station after much convincing that, Today is VALENTINES thus we should be going out to do romantic stuff! Because BB wanted to go shopping, which is fair, cause the entire time, was me shopping or him working

Which is omg the biggest Mitsukoshi department store it's like bigger then lansdown including the parking lot.

I was kinda annoyed at how big it was and what they have inside. It's all the big brands... nothing I could ever afford. though.. BB found a pretty nice playboy man purse!
He doesn't seem to know how to use it yet. Then again I don't know how guyz use their man purse. Are you SUPPOSE to put your wallet/phone in there?? or in your pants and then anything extra goes in there? hairspray?mirror?

Any how we finally got to the END of mitsukoshi department store to another mall ish thing.
Street vendors were selling ferro rocher bouquet! as well as FINALLY ice cream from Haagen Daz from asia. Since Angela told me how infinitely more awesome it is here. (because of more flavors...)

After that! back to the department store for dinner~!!

Angela, are you drooling yet?

The plate with the variety was better then the steak. Wasn't too impressed, about that steak ...pretty hefty price too. Apparently (from translation) its' either a European cow? or Austrian cow...............For some reason I don't now how the girl cooked it, it was a bit oily. Though texture and raw to cooked-ness was perfect!

BB wasn't to pleased with service, that they forgot our rice (apparently special way to make it, and will take 15mins too) which they couldn' t make by the time we reminded them as last call was over AND that we didn't get a service bell. The money we paid especially for the steak and the quality was like such....

I downloaded new app! "photo frame " in the icon it saids dada, I had downloaded the valentine free version which would have been enough but I didn't know how to use the app and thought that all the extra frames I need to buy full version to do it. Which isn't true *sigh*
none the less, it's a very good app compared to the other free ones I've tried out . Great thing that Iphone apps have free trial before buying because you know.... 99cent is a lot of money @_@ (seriously things like these add up)

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  1. oooh it looks like you had an amazing time XDDD
    I loved all the pics you took <3
    can't wait till I get to hang out with you again ^___^!