Not much today just realli lazi and refusing to wake up.
Went to uncles brother place to do the NY thing
After massive amount of symbolic food it was NY gambling. Everyone is given 100$ to start and we try to win uncle's money. I think in the end I won like around 400ish? Because at the end I bet big at 150 and won ^_^!!!!

Also they had a family dog. I really wanted to play with it but she's quite afraid of strangers. When i first met her she was quite aggressive so she stayed on the bed with her owners and I threw her treats. She felt better and willing to eat out of my hand. After dinner I wanted to feed her again. I started off with throwing her treats, but in the middle she decided to jump off and nip me. One tooth grazed me, not sharp enough to break skin but enough to give a decent bruise. So I gave up and fed her treats quickly and rejoin the gambling.

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