Yesterday I was at a Japanese magazine/book store and got 3 books. Ageha march, hair style book, dolly make up.

So after grilling through it last night, and thinking the best way to do a bob.I wanted
yumiko - fringe
okaeri - curly bob and silhouette
tsubasa - curls

Around maybe 4?5? we left the house. We first went to Hankyuu, I really starting to like this place! because BB wanted to eat tenpanyaki but... when I saw it i was MUCH more attracted to the sukiyaki!
10/10 fantastic!
I was taken back how every spinach leaf had no holes
and how every cabbage leaf had no specks of blk/brown from maybe a bug bit it or something scratched it.
Every leaf was nice and white and some with hints of green or green
And all the beef had even marbleized fat !

Much better here then Japan...
Then again... i was trying to avoid eating in Japan... @_@ there were probably plenty of godly tasting food...

After eating we went to Lizlisa. They fixed the pocket. It was mended but slightly flawed. Too bad they wouldn't give me a discount for catching it AND instructing them to fix it... blahblah I bought it anyways.

We then went shopping for BB... I really want him to have some nice things too! and not think about me. He said he wanted a new scarf. We looked about and finally landed in the accessories section. GAWD its like holt renfew in there @_@.... BB found two he like one was like 150$cad... @#%@#$% but the design was simple the color choice was on spot and the quality... how soft... cashmere *dies*

While he looked I looked and I found one I like! short one with some fluff and a bow on it DAM CUTE. Apparently this one tiny scarf is 100$ T_T however if i buy two it's 50% off entire purchase. I found acute neutral colored cashmere cape along with the tiny scarf.

We finally leave this place and went to the warehouse district area place. Since last time we didn't finish. Encouraging BB to find more stuff for himself. We left with a shirt/cardigan/pants!!!

BB decided to go to this really popular maybe famous restaurant called Ninja!
The main dinning room is through the waterfall, which you need a password to get through! Otherwise you wouldn't even know that behind the waterfall was the main room!

BB Also won 12 shots from a lucky draw!

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