Feb 6
Last night I was so tired, I slept all by myself with out any help! every time that happens I feel so well rested! unfortunately today BB could not wake up or well he was very slow. Anyhow... today we had lunch with his friends, they're super awesome unlike some of his friends in Vancouver. Even though they could not speak much in English, they tried to talk @_@ and we joked etc etc

Afterwards we were helping out one of his friend with his act. Needed some moral support and a understanding/educated audience for pointers and what not.
That took almost the ENTIRE day.

We then went to _______ .. another county near taipei. FINALLY omg FINALLY bb bought me some skin care. I use to be using kose. I got it around april 09 and finnished mid end of 2010. Since then I've been trying not to buy any skincare. I've been basically running on expired and tester skincare. Fortunately Lin is a skin care fanatic and .. i don't know if she knows... basically been supplying me with a few tester and care pkg
I got two line ups the omija/ancient rice line along with caviar/salmon eye creams.

More stuffy from that arcade machine (frog/monkey) the bottom unfolds into small boxes!
the other guyz, BB won in the past but had no one to give to until now!

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