Feb 16
Didn't sleep well, got barely any sleep at all. Then got dragged out by BB.
it's like hang over. I want to move faster but there's some sort of barrier or invisible goo that makes moving even slower.
BB took me first to eat famous beef noodle soup. It was really good but my stomach was like, ready on the mark to throw up. (lack of sleep)
Today again with BB shopping. BUT first starbucks! iced americano and instantly I felt a lot better. the imaginary goo has vanished!

Why starbucks in asia is infinetly better then canada. wtf happen to all the cakes we USE to have! and whats this?! macarons too?!?!!

Got the pink one, rose +raspberry.
barely tasted either one of the flavors. I only tasted a ton of sugar. I'm not sure how to rate this because the inside was mush! so I'm not sure if it was on display for too long or it was under cooked. At least the idea of selling them in starbucks is a super thumbs up!

Afterwards we met up with his friend Edward and Mei?Mai? we went to shilin night market to eat and continue to shop for BB.
We also played more of those arcade games. Maybe it was the pressure to show off to our friends that we could win the stuffies that we couldn't win them. This time we almost paid full price for them!!

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