Feb 9
We were SUPPOSE to wake up at 12 and BB didn't wake me up till 1pm
-_- i was ready around 130 and BB wasn't, he THEN decided after my stupid suggestion to rinse off as night before, maybe slight fever? he was a sweaty little pig! he didn't JUST rinse off he decided to wash his hair too T_T after washing his hair he dries AND STRAIGHTENS IT omfg -_-.... whhyy?!?!?! after that picking out clothing/jewelery to wear I even made breakfast we didn't leave till like 230?3?
We first went to his dad's office to mail some things
After that we went to taipei metro mall that area-ish as well as a stationary store and found many cute things XD for my back to school pencil case!
and a department store! I'm REALLY liking the department stores in asia! they have EVERYTHING tho... i like the one in Japan most because everything is placed out nicely even if it's not the most expensive item too

after all that we went to watson as i finally decided i will get one pallete from kanebo and also get the majorlica wing mascara as last time my mom gave the one i wanted away -_-.... and to try both eyebrow pencils from both brands AS well as i needed a face wash, in canada my cleansing oil would be enough. HERE it's so @$%@$ humid ... i'm like no longer dry normal skin but slightly oily *sigh* so my cleansing oil is only good enough to wash off my make up. AT the same time I ran out of cleansing oil -_- and researched the only one I saw at watson was the biore. at only 8$ and today when i went there, there was SO MANY to choose from -_-

kose/2kanebo/majolica majorca

eyebrow pencils!
if you haven't notice in the past pics in this album with makeup! i've succesfully made my brows brown with out bleaching them!

when i first bought it and tried it out the back of my hand i was un impressed as it didn't glide nicely on my skin. but when i did it on my eyebrows it kinda coats ur hairs and lightly brown shadow under neath. the product is a stick kind of thing with a angle for easy application
...the color compared to the other two pencil is on the warm side.

is very ash blonde/brown color
one side of the pencil is like kose stick at a angle for easy application and sharp lines
and then SUPRISE the other side has a soft cone shape sponge that reloads mysteriously some how!~ for light shading or adding color

Majorlica Majorca
-color is in between the two
glides on easily
is cut slanted stick like the others for precise application
the other side of the stick is a brush to soften the color for more natural look
the product and the handle are sold seperate so you can buy refills
which in the long run is cheaper

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