last day shopping

Yesterday I went to bed around 12am ish
and slept and slept and slept till like 11ish, woke up and drank a lot of hot tea as I felt like @#$! again. Must be because of PMS? I felt so tired. I looked out the window for a little while. The living room window is very big you can see the school and then past that I think might be Taipei city. Finally saw the chicken that's been annoying me to death at night. There's APPARENTLY a chicken coop in the parking lot. Watch the kids in school for a little bit. Enjoyed a little bit of sunshine, watched the dogs go by and then went back to bed. By the time BB came back from visiting Grandma grave it was, 3 ish we then went out around 4pm to deal with some things at uncles office. After that we went to eat dindin, I wanted to eat ramen so we did, and his dad was like oh but there's this other restaurant that has really good bbq fish! viki only eat half and we'll go eat that too!

So this restaurant features freshly caught wild fish.

The entire day I've been insisting and constantly fussing to go to haagan daz. I mean ... come on!! we don't have the cafe here in Canada! I need to go there before I leave!

They have the best strawberry ice cream ever! I use to like strawberry ice cream and that would be the only thing I ate, I'm not sure if it was because it was pink or if it was actually good. After sometime I got sick of it because it always tasted soo fake. I learned at HD their ice cream has no preservative apparently all natural! *yumz* then again why do you need preservatives and fake stuff if it's frozen?
So above is a matcha milkshake!
Strawberry and vanilla ice cream in strawberry soup with marshmallows.

I was a little taken back with the soup, because I was expecting IHOP disgusting gooey syrup fake strawberry type. It was actually real strawberry with out a ton of sugar! matched perfectly with the vanilla ice cream!

After that BB wanted to go to Xida again for the last time. On the way there we saw those adorable steamed buns! white is no vanilla it's just normal bun taste lol however pink one is strawberry! you could see (maybe not in the picture) strawberry seeds! Definitely smell it and definitely cannot taste it =P!
We mostly only shopped at one store, for BB. We already went there tons of times to different branches and BB is always attracted to this shop but never buy anything *falls over* I see lots of things he'll like!
like boots he wants a simple one and i thought it was a bit plain and not enough POW!
I insisted on this other black boot that's shiney, which he has something like it already. I think, might as well get a new one since he hasn't shopped much! defiantly can budget it! In the end he bought both -_-........and two shirts. BB is not fat but his frame is big and his arms too.

So... he wants to do the layered look and use two actual shirts. Which wont work because he's not the wire type of body frame which the layered look is meant for. and if he wanted to do this look he has to get those shirts with a built in fake shirt, know what I mean? so that he doesn't look fat?

AND he wont wear a bigger size. The bigger size isn't THAT much bigger. It's a little bit loose on him just a little bit and it makes him look so skinny, and he doesn't like it! He wants form fitting shirts *dies*

I could not find hair band! BB seemed to be quite interested in getting me those hair bands that look like bunny ears. but they didn't have a new one and even try to pass the display one as "new" but BB knew and insisted, and since they didn't we left.

on the way home we passed another night market, almost everything was closed but I did get a pair of socks! oh I'm in dire need of socks, I have no socks ~ i keep wearing my little brothers' over sized ankle socks now I have 9 pairs of blk pink and white!
I should of bought more! I wanted to also get more hair bands. you know the type stretchy fabric hair elastic band doesn't pull out your hair type thing??
They were all closed!

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  1. The food look so good <3 PMS sucks. Really makes me feel like #"%¤%"¤ too >3<