Feb 5
started the day late yet again, BB wanted to take me to this train revolving sushi restaurant/bar? thing! in TW it's expensive because everything they use is fresh. AND OMG who new scallops tasted so good. I always order it at GUU but it's lightly dressed with mayo, so you could never REALLY taste it.

Afterwards BB took me to this whole sale market area in wufenpu. We didn't finish walking through the dam place. because my feet were going to kill me!

However everything perked up when we went to Lizlisa to find the shorts I wanted from last time. I didn't buy them last time because the back pocket was slowly unstitching it self. apparently at hankyuu department was the only one that had the last pair *super sigh* so we asked them to fix it and that we'll be back for them when they're done.

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