The onion suspect

So I was excercising in September and basically quit after my birthday. Didn't loose any weight but had a better looking ass. Then some how lost weight on the cruise to Vegas to a nice 120ish can't remember. Then being in Vancouver for about week gain massive 8-10 lb
*super sigh*
I don't know when I started to loose weight recently but I think it maybe from living at BB house for two ish weeks. During that time we ate sukiyaki that we made almost every night with lots of vegetable/frozen tofu and half or entire box of thinly sliced beef and a few fish balls, i recently started to like thinly chopped cabbage cooked in sukiyaki sauce and a pat of butter. Not to complete softness but with some crunchy ness too. Of course also half a onion thinly sliced.

So recently been craving French onion soup from Tim hortens except every time I go there they don't have it. I went to 4 different Tim hortens to finally get it. Finally just fed up with it. Which conveniently marked the day I learn to make French onion soup!!
Recipe from ???? Altered by viki
-2 cups of thinly sliced onions roughly two large onions
- 1tbsp un salted butter
- ??? Have not figure amount of flour
- 1tbsp sugar
- himalayan pink salt ( attracted to the pink but it's good for you GO look it up)
- pepper (not the powder version) instantly ground version
- 3.5 cup of beef broth

*** to save you from washing dishes and to idiot proof it follow approximately same utensils***

1 - use large chopping board and medium sized knife, thinly slice onions
2 - melt butter in a non stick pot that can contain 4 cups of water

3 - at medium low temperature melted butter put onions in set 15min timer and stir till onions evenly coated then cover
Stir occasionally

4 change heat to medium high, set timer for 15ish mins, add sugar constantly stir till onions are golden brown may take longer then 15. Stay there constantly stirring do not burn onions.

5 - splash of white wine or Shiraz to un stick any onions on the bottom of pot

6 - add soup stock, max heat to boil then change to medium high heat and boil 10 mins

7 - stir in flour to make soup thick

8 - add salt + pepper

9 - thinly slice baguette (8 slices) paint both sides with a bit of butter add Swiss cheese on the top, enuf to cover but not piled on

10 - place in oven toaster to melt and lightly brown the top

11 - two slices in a bowl scoop of onions onto cheese bread and fill bowl up with soup and more onions

12 - sprinkle Parmesan on top layer, just enough to cover the top layer

Onions are very good for you! High in fibre and nutrients. As well gives you lots of energy therefor keeps hungry pains away
Only 60 cal too
Search good things about onions and why onions could help you loose weight.

Only the fresh organic ingredients will make this soup super awesome
You could use canned condense stock which I've been using
But tonight going to get freshly made stock!!
Well made baguette gives plus point too so don't cheap out on only a dollar because a bread with lots of air pockets inside isn't bread at all

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