jitters before a trip

I can't sleep and very unwilling to, I want the next day to start already, just keep rolling faster. I'm getting headaches every night from maybe stress..... I am sleeping 8 hours every night but every day i'm working 10+hours at home. I barely have time to do homework...I'm suppose to take tomorrow off to do homework and pack. But I've booked two people tomorrow...every minute I have to myself in between clients I go lie down for a little bit, I want to nap but of course ... if only sleep came so easily to me.. its nice to just think of nothing.

I did learn one thing, as my eyes get tired I can't see very well, everything just blurs or I see words, I see the shape and I'm not understanding, its like I'm looking at a picture dumbfounded

I'm excited and I'm scared.
I'm excited I've save up so hard and I'm going to be on my own for once and WOW just.. utterly free
I'm scared I keeping thinking I wont be able to get on the limousine bus from the airport to shinjuku to find Monica

I have so many things to do,and people keep trying to book with me .... Not like I didn't warn them before hand either... don't say I didn't tell you so

I started to pack today T_T
make up
hair care / tools
skin care
evening dress
party dress??
two daily wear outfits?
lap top

did I forget anything?

i'm going there with a fairly empty suitcase!

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