Listing out before I forget

Sometimes I just want to slip away into a hot bath and ignore the rest of the world. I don't think I've mentioned here that I'm going to japan. I haven't got the jitters of excitement yet which is good. Recent one I had was thinking about the god dam currency rate. I'm bringing 1400 with me on this trip to last me a month which will be the money for transportation/food/leisure. So when my friends yes there's more then one of the many of yous. tell me to pick a souvenir for them, I feel immensely irritated. You know who are, don't feel awkward or embarrassed next time you see me. We'll just go on like this never happened. I don't think many of friends have gone on trip where they themselves pay everything. Sure they said they brought their own money to spend. They never however had to use a lot of money on food. Usually family or relatives feed them. Transportation and living cost is provided. So do they realize how tight my budget is? I rather it be up to me then you telling me. I want to shop only for myself which I'm starting to feel like it's not going to happen. I'll be somewhere I've always dream of and only get to look . Maybe it is bad idea to go to Tokyo.
Why do people have to eat?! If we didn't, can you imagine the money we would save. If eating was just a activity/hobby and not a necessity.

Things left to do
Exchange money
Pick up prescription
Print section of map and locate/label places I want to go
Brush out wig
Pack up

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