day4? +5

woke up decent time me and shannon set off to go to shibuy 109-2 mens tower
it only has like 2?3? floors for mens everything
... everything was so expensive and i still went over by 20$CAD *feels skimpy* ... yes i said i was broke and i am and the only person i'm willing to spend something on is BB....

then we went to closet chilld, they had the most beautiful AP whiteXpink JSK for only 89$ i want it so bad but what i was really there for was a pair of JD mules with white bow, i saw it in takeshita dori - closet child and i wanted it but i want to hold off because just incase i find one that isn't brand and cheaper?
didn't happen so me and shannon went to the one in shinjuku. They had one but it was really really used and unfortunetly the bow on the back of heel is dirty. Though.. i did find a different pair pink with a gold crown! also found IW- chocoXoff white bonnet! only 38$ i was going to go to IW shop and pick one up but JUST my luck at closet child they have one, fairly new except the ribbon that ties around the neck one side is just fraying a little bit on the ends
also picked out a JD-camisole only 28$ not a stain or wear on this shirt, i am very satisfied~!
now i know what size I am for JD
mules M/L
boots L
OP/shirts sz 40

We then set out for Maruione - one
as I thought it'd be best to at the very least to visit the JD store. Lets just say it was nice, but I had a better time at the lolita floor! I wanted to sit in the AP store and just be content and happy. They were still having their sale too, oh how i wish to buy some things! they're sale just like the one in la foret is like everything 50-70% off, I wanted a jacket but i really dont have that kind of cash even if its a winter jacket at $400ish with 70% off

Shannon was having a great time apparently she never thought of going to maruione-one/la foret/closet child for VK things. They have everything she liked!

we then went back to her apartment so I could pick up my stuff and go meet up with Monika. We were going to train it but monika suggested perhaps taxi is better it'll only be $10, i was suprised! my teacher had made it out to be quite expensive! any how shannon was too tired so I taxi alone and there Monika was~!

that night she was trying to pull a all nighter for her test today but she kept falling asleep. So i timed her sleep for hour and half and then woke her up for her to study more, and then soon i fell asleep!

i woke up really late like around 300 out the door? I decided i'll go to Ginza- mitsukoshi department store. Fairly easy to get there! they had the anna sui powder with spf 28?or 38? but when i got home realize wrong color with what i've been using so! hopefully tomorrow when i drop by they're willing to exchange with me! then I went to a place where my life goal is! Laduree... oh how happy I was! I bought a key chain 4 macaron and a towel. I had a pastry there that i forgot the name of framboise smth? and a laduree cafe. oh! it was so good! for a nice 15 mins I was so happy sitting in their cafe enjoying myself completely! then I rushed off to the train station.
and was lost finally getting lost inside shinjuku station. I could not find my exit. It was a good thing i took a picture of the exit sign as I went to the people work there pointing at my picture "doko desu ka"
after like an hour i finally found it. then walking back to monica place was fairly easy till half way through because i could find the stupid map chart thing on the street. not that i knew how to read/ understand but they were my landmark ?bread crumbs? to lead me back to monika house!
I finally get there 2 hours late and monika is standing at the entrance (as i had the key and was hoping to get home before she did to go out) she must of been furious...*sigh* i think i am forgiven?
I brought back my most favorite thing to share with her ^_^! rose and a caramel macaron. the caramel one was the best! they were baked to perfectiong HOWEVER i didn't like how dam sweet they are. they aren't overly sweet but it's getting there.
After a rest at monika house we went out for food! bbq for only 11.25/person including drink! then we went out and she insist as shannon had before to go to a host club -_-....
I didn't want to go cause i was scared. especially dont like when they all yell at you to welcome you in. Which i feel like i got ambushed or something.
Right off the bat a host picked us up and I was willin with monika cause it was 5$/hr
me being broke .. sure why not?
for some reason the guy that picked us up walked soooooo fast it was ridiculous ..
We got there seated and well the first two guyz not bad we tried to talk. third guy was like really red and I was sort of worried for him he was acting like he was okay but you know i feel and see from him and that he told me he was new that he was trying very hard for his job. we didn't talk much he wasn't very good so i just encourage him to drink more water!
so then i decided to look at the "menu" and picked out two guyz
the first one that came was very enthusiastic to the point i was a little over welmed by him and didn't want to talk. he was very out going and had a weird jerk to him. he was kind of weird but I still had fun. then the next guy came which is apparently #2
he was soooooo kool but i dont understand why he was wearing blk big eye contact lenses it just made him look like a alien with no soul. it was very hard to talk to him and he seemed to not be interested in talking to me as it was hard to. very shortly after our time was up and we got pick out our favorite to walk us out.
i picked out the weird over welmingly out going guy to take me out we exchange emails and i left.
too bad the people you meet there can't be your real friends cause that'd be fun to
and from my past i learned these ppl make great friends but horrible lovers

we then went to donki my new favorite shop and i picked out a kigurumi , i like it it keeps me warm in doors x.x i think it'll be useful in my house since its always cold.

we then met up with monika friend kurumi? we walked around a bit and hung out at a pet shop, then.. i kinda wanted to go home cause, tired and you know really broke! i wanted to go to another host club and see if there is better looking guyz or not but they apparently finnish around 12am except a few other ones
since broke i wanted to go home
but the two didn't so monika sent me home in a taxi x.x so kind of her to pay for me...

so i can't wait for tomorrow i hope anna sui will exchange the powder
and if i haven't used up all my money in asakusa i hope maybe i can buy some of those pretty towels at the department store as hand gifts for my bffs that was requested *glare at them*

and if i sitll have enough i want extensions done, one of my main goals in japan was this and i didn't do it.. and i think i dont have to cause you know i finally got my half wig so no worries right? then again it's suppose to be a experience right?! and it's cheaper here then ne where canada so...
i already used my credit card twice i'm thinking maybe just one more time for the bus ticket to the airport...

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