japan - taiwan

Jan 27
I screwed up my schedule and thought I could leave Monika apartment at 4pm and I'd be plenty early for my flight at 6:45 ... i don't know how I calculated wrong but I did. We rushed out the door around 330 and caught the bus at 4pm I got to the airport around 5:15 then mad dash through check in and to the gate THEN realized I am early by an hour.
Got on the flight, tried to do some home work... didn't happen I was very distracted by Ratatouille and Micky mouse movie

I arrive on time in Taipei and BB is there to pick me up, we dropped by 7-11 to pick up snacks and we were off to his apartment. Slightly suspicious as to maybe it's the same size as Shannon apartment room thing or Monika apartment.

To my amazement the apartment community is HUGE
I got to his floor and how it works is that every floor is split in to two appartments. So BB apartment is even bigger like maybe two times bigger then his apartment in vancouver.
Tried to eat but pretty much lost my appetite from the flight. BECAUSE~~~~ i love airplane food but JAL has horrible food,
vancouver - japan ... it was okay
japan- taiwan ... it looked great very appetizing but tasted SO BAD

took a shower and crashed into bed. Maybe a little jet lagged or insomnia?or new bed? i couldn't sleep till around 4am

Jan 28
Alarm went off at 7ish but I didn't wake till 8 when BB came to bug me. I go dressed make up ready in about hour. We went to the salon to get our hair set. BB hair set was great.
I brang a picture, I told her that I wanted something similiar to the picture (lots of free space for her creativity, should be loving this kind of client)
She started off with wanting to give me a poof poof ! and curls
something I can do by myself T_T
it's not even remotely similar to the picture at all.
the picture is like half up and half down and no princess poof (it's got poof but not princess poof)
and I told her it's okay if it's like in your face type of style.
T_T she tied half my hair up back combed and crimped it and was going to let me go like that
I had like this like not even sorted out fashionable mess on my head. it's like fucked up messy fuz on the top.
If i let a customer out like that, i'd be fired... besides i'm her piece of art work, how can she send someone out looking like that?
in the end i touched up here and there, she probably felt horrible and BB try to say "oh viki is very picky etcetc"
and she politely saids "oh i dont do that style often, it's osmething different"
and I just thanked her like no end like she did this amazing work on my head (even though it's all me baby!)
we went for lunch and had a walk around to liz lisa T_T i was hoping to buy the purfume?body spray ? i saw in japan T_T they didn't have it... *super sigh*
after that we went off to greet some customers of BB
then to his dad's work place from there we went to Mitsu, it's this super expensive super tastey japanese restaurant. we had a 9 course meal i think?
super full..

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