jan 31

woke up fairly late
at the detox(started last night) it's bitter but bearable
something to do with taking out the toxins in the body *nods* suppose to be good for you with a secret Asian recipe

fixed my shoes for 3$ OMG
then to namen market for breakfast @_@
along with these interesting snack stuff

after we got for 5.50$ for breakfast for both me and BB
rice with marinated pork on top
+vegetable, bamboo, ___, spicy tofu and soup!
T_T 5.50$ in Canada barely get mcD

after that I followed bb to do some sort of paper work after that

we went back to his dad's office
we went to get my contact lenses *it's really a gift to be able to see perfectly*
then we went home and his dad had made lamb hot pot with scallop, REAL crab meat, wild jumbo prawns and tons of vegetables

BB then took me to night market, not much there I still think buying stuff here is expensive x_x..... japan was better i think it's only so because everything is on sale and plus i was being skimpy on food (less food more shopping money!)
we played the stupid arcade machine to get stuffy, because recently I REALLY like the stupid lama T_T..... at least here you can buy the stuffy so you don't have to waste A LOT of money.
which BB wanted to play the game more then get the stuffy, in the end we didn't get it and wasted some money -_-...

I also bought the essentials stuff, because i hear sooo much about it

so far 8/10
definitely improved on my dry ends which when i went to get my hair styled (i didn't put protectant on so she fried my hair.... what kind of hair dresser is that not even thinking of maybe i should protect my clients hair just in case OR maybe ASK) I wont know how well this works compared to professional hair products. As in the past when I switched to drug store brands, they usually deliver but with a nasty result afterwards. Example I used tresseme? conditioner cause i had nothing else, it worked wonders but after a day or so my hair started to feel crunchy. another time with i forgot one i got oily-er etcetc, I think it maybe due to certain cheap chemical/fillers to put in the conditioner/shampoo to deliver results immediately, but w.e that is wears off fast and has side effects afterwards.(which when that happens people thing maybe i need to wash my hair again, thus start over the vicious cycle)
SO my final score for this..will be in a few days.. I will keep you updated!


  1. lol yeah essensials is pretty good, I was using the pink line
    but honestly I think after you've been teaching me about hair care...we can find better things here XD

  2. agreed, but it's a good thing to have when your on vacation in asia and they fuck up your hair, and dont have a huge bottle of your intensive canadian hair mask! =P