i could barely wake up this morning as i slept at maybe 4 am last night.
I rushed off to Asakusa only to find out my friend wasn't going to meet me there. After i finnish phoning him I realized i was stuck in the @#$@# phone booth T-T so of the tour sales opened the door for me...

I walked about there through the market and finally bought a kanzashi sort thing...
it's for a child but the adult ones are soo... ugly the colors are horrible!
the one i did like and was willing to pay good money for it was in gold *realized gold doesn't go with gold hair* starts with a flower dangles to a bird cage and some tassels on the bottom.
I wanted to also get the butterfly with tassels on the bottom or the storks
not enuf $$$

they had the wigs too the super nice ones for kimono. Seeing it in person really gave me more ideas how to approach traditional japanese hair

I also took the chance to eat dango and i also spied temari T_T i wanted one but the ones they were selling looked really cheap....

after that i went to ginza-mitsukoshi department, and they were more then willing to exchange for me.... so now i'm very content along with laduree macarons in my hand

then i took the marunouchi line to shinjuku sanchome station and concidentally heard from last time and this time the announcer say "isetan" so i got off cause i had to transfer and looked around and there we are! isetan department store! they have everything it's super adorable. also realized how wonderful this would be my only chance to go to pierre herme for macaron
I think his is better then laduree. it's a little less sweet. ^_^ they also had a chocolate event on the 6 floor. i went there shortly but... holy mother... so many women/girls, one could not get through.
on the way back to the station i just love the B1 floor so much food and desserts... oh how wonderful it would be to live for a little while in japan!the shopping and the desserts! and cheap tastey food!

back to the train to monika house, oh how my feet were aching... how i regret throwing out my flat shoes @#%@#%

i'm mostly done packing except the umm ________ bag ?? u put tooth brush make up brushes etc? bag?
one thing i didn't get to do was take a picture of the shibuya crossing .. i dont really mind i mean i was there and crossing lol!

not able to weight my lugages i am slightly nervous but i think it should be good

6 days is bordering a long time for me here in japan.. i'm not particularly fond of asian countries
i dont wish i could stay longer or shorter

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