Japan day 3

so continuing
omg everything is so in expensive and on sale! i spent like 40$ at tralala for a sweater/tank/shirt
today i bought two pairs of boots and told the sales to throw out my old ones i brought with me that were falling apart HOWEVER they were comfortable ugly falling a part flats which inside the sole use to have a air pocket for when you walk you'd have a slight cushioning that now has deflated.... so now i'm severely regretting it T_T for next two weeks i'll suffer what every girl suffers painful heeled shoes
so after huge shopping spree at 109 we go back and we rest for a bit

then we head off to atom night club
i really must give off some scary aurora while shannon gets hit on and i do too but i also scared the boys
they ask me to come over (but in my head ... we can't even have a conversation so wuts the point? why should i go over?) so i STARED with no smile with no emotions and the boys like jumped in their seat
so that's when i figured it must be true i do give off the creepy aurora
i always wondered why guyz usually dont buy my drinks etcetc i'm too busy trying to sit properly so my fat... yes my fat! doesn't stick out and then sit nicely like i'm cool or something and not really smile, and spy on every boy in the club and then take care not to stare for too long for them to notice. my pretending to be cool ward off guyz..

oh woe is me so fake =P

once i got in to the mood i got the hang of the the club, didn't like the trance too much, I wanted to do the rave moves to it but i had no glow sticks so i just envied two girls that did on the side. the middle floor was good it plays 50% of music i do know and then 50% some weird trance/arcade type music it's weird
on the bright side no one really dances they all just jump to some imaginary beat all together with hands in the air drumming to the "beat" and in sync too! so they look like they're right!
i suck at dancing so I'm happy other people can suck with me lol

we went home around 330 i could not walk ne longer,
we were suppose to go to 100Y and no i don't seem to know how to type the yen sign on the comp. convenient store but i was wayyy to tired so we only went to 7-11 then arrived home i took a shower
and for the first time in perhaps years of my life, i curled up and passed out in bed
for those who know and don't natural sleep does not come easily to me

to end off with a question today

pikachu ? cow? rilakkuma? kigurumi pjs ???

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  1. Im glad you still had fun at the club. I personally HATED hiphop and loved the trance thats why that was my favorite club. Its more common to find hiphop clubs nowadays than trance, so i dont go to those. Id take you but again i hate it so at least the middle floor was a medium. I guess whatever you're used to right? (well i guess not in my case but yea XD)