jan 29
not much happening BB had to go to work so i opted to stay home I wanted to air out my clothing of the super asian smells of japan @_@ instead I woke up ate and went back to bed
by the time I woke up BB, dad (uncle) woke up so he took me out to buy my contact lenses!
i'm super excited! because my pair from last year i lost the left side some how and have been using an expired left lense from several years ago -_-.....
after that he wanted me to try taiwan bbt, he didn't really understand what I wanted to he bought two kinds of bbt in hopes one of them I like x.x.... i like both but i can't drink both

jan 30
followed bb to work
on the way to the lecture hall i for the first time PK-ed -_- it hurt so much littearly like fall down kneeling, scraped and bruised my knee and like scratched my new boots * i think scratching my boots hurt more*
i am fairly amazed his lecture was packed and everyone wanted a piece of his work
after that we went for food with everyone

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