Assessing your hair

Hair Composition
80% Protein
15% Moisture
6% Lipid
1% Pigment
.5% Mineral
.5% Carbs

So what does this all mean?
protein - strength
moisture - soft ,supple
lipid - elasticity, shine
pigment - absorb sunlight, shield UVA UVB
Carbs - body (fat hair)

My hair strength has been pretty good. I keep do protein treatments and what not, severely lacking in lipid and moisture. I always knew my ends needed a little more love and that... all I need would have been just moisture masque once in a while.

I did however fantastic substitute. Argan oil (or Moroccan oil). At the moment I've been trying out Marrakesh with hemp seed oil. I've tried these things before not difference between the brown bottle with blue label and this one. Though this time experiencing it I noticed more. Perhaps this is the difference between the oils.
They both have
- drys hair faster
- hair is softer
- nice vanilla smell
-reduces frizz
-protects hair from heat tools

Marrakesh oil
- shiny

If softness means: "the moisture your hair is retaining"
then mine must be well lubricated~

I've used it about 4 times and no my scalp doesn't get oily. I thought perhaps my hair will get oily sooner, and it didn't my hair actually absorbs the oil. Now that I think about other effects the itchy patch at the back of my head isn't itchy now. (i figure it was a dry patch since the hair around there was broken off and so happens my hair splits right there too soo over exposure of scalp to the world)

Funny perk, sometimes at work it gets so cold that I huddle close to the heater. I try to keep my hair out of the way so the ends don't dry out. BUT as my hair heats up I start smell the strong scent of vanilla like I was wearing perfume!

My rating ,
I would buy this~ alternative to my usual protein leave on!

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